Alumni News

Our Succesful 60 Years Grand Reunion Celebration


The UST Sigma Beta Fraternity just had a succesful 60th year celebration last February 25-27, 2011. The celebration started with the 2nd Napoleon Roque Cup at Camp Aguinaldo. The Grand Reunion main event followed the next day at Upper Beach Club, Punta Fuego Resort in Nasugu, Batangas and fellowship night at a private resort in Tali Beach, Batangas. The three day affair was attended by betans from batch fifties to the present resident members. Congratulations to the organizers and will see you in our next reunion. Below are some thoughts about our reunion.


    ” I may be a broken record but I just want to reiterate my thoughts regarding our Grand Reunion.  May I commend all Brods who were present during the 3-day Get-together including the Golf Tournament. I specially commend our Brods who came all the way from abroad with their Spouses just to be with us  here to celebrate our 60th Anniversary. Not to be outdone are the Officers and the standing Committees Chairs and members who made everything possible.  To every body, A JOB WELL DONE and MABUHAY ANG SIGMA BETA!!! ”  



       ”   I am back to Boston, so glad and lucky was able to attend the Grand Reunion. It is really a very joyous, memorable and unforgetable events, its well worthed to take the time off from our busy schedule and to see and hooked up with the old (i am one of them), not so old and young brods. I do hope that we can all meet again in not too distant future, and for the brods that did not make it, please do try harder next time because as far as i am concern its a great Grand Family Reunion you do not want to miss again. To all our brods that were there and in spirit, I SALUTE you all for a job well done. “
Bobby Mercado ’64 


Sigma Beta USA

The Sigma Beta USA/CANADA alumni’s  had their 2nd quarter meeting of the year last June 28, 2008 that was held in Hercules, California. The reunion meeting was organized to review all the upcoming project proposals of our Resident members. Also it was a day of fun. We played basketball, golf and other games with the objective of raising funds  for the fraternity scholarship program.

June 28, 2008 was not only Pacquiao’s day but also was a day of accomplishments for the betan alumnis. After a day of fun in golf, basketball hoops and games, the Sigma Beta Alumni was able to raised funds for “the Sigma Beta scholarship program”, collected boxes of clothes for the “medical mission drive”, and box of running shoes for the “project donate a shoe for the barefoot runners”.

September 05, 2010

On this day, the Sigma Beta Alumni International met  in Rowland Heights, California @ brother Kaloi’s residence to choose the betan scholar from the top qualifying betan candidates.  A total of 28 betans attended. Also, programs, and planning of the upcoming Grand Reunion 2011 was discussed and finalized.

September 18, 2010

Oath Taking Ceremony

On this day, forty one betans had sworn their oath to the Sigma Beta Fraternity. The resident members were sworned by the current Sigma Beta President Jojo. In preparation to the upcoming Grand Reunion, the board of trustees discuss the plans and goals. The Sigma Beta Alumni were able to raise some funds for the Sigma Beta Scholarship Program from pledges and donations of brothers.