A Brief History of Sigma Beta

 The milieu and walkways of the University of Santo Tomas witnessed the birth of SIGMA BETA FRATERNITY. Sigma Beta is uniquely gifted among other university or college fraternities in many aspects. It was not a result of a merger with one of several established fraternities nor just an additional chapter of another organization. It was entirely a sole collaboration amongst 17 engineering students with high social responsibility and enormous intellectual upbringing. The story of Sigma Beta began during the period following the transfer of the Faculty of Engineering to our new home, the Roque-Ruanio building. It was Brother Napoleon S. Roque, who graduated Magna Cum-laude and the other sixteen charter members that Sigma Beta Fraternity owes its existence.

Sigma Beta was founded as the “Society of Builders”, in 1950, by seventeen charter member, all were civil engineering students at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. Equipped with exemplary scholastic rankings in the College of Engineering, they decided to organize a local honorary engineering fraternity. As a result of the meeting, and with the approval from the faculty and administration, the civil engineering fraternity Sigma Beta was officially formed at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines. The seventeen founders as well as the first charter members founded the fraternity with the following objectives in mind: to build a greater bond between engineering students, to better the academic standards of our University, to promote a more diversified program of social and development activities that complement the engineering profession, to secure greater cooperation among faculty, administration and engineering students, and to deliver a program of service to the community which is the Civil Engineering Department, the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Santo Tomas and our Nation.

Since its founding in 1950, the fraternity which was geared on excellence had way long proved itself to be the best. In all the years of its existence, the fraternity has produced on its rolls countless top caliber engineers designed to dominate the engineering world, either in business or in the academe. We always stood tall as a fraternity of collective soul with overflowing talents and incomparable capabilities. We have dominated everyone as history will tell. Sigma Beta’s heritage derives from the ideals and dreams of our founders. While these brothers were on campus, they earned recognition in many areas. Their abilities and talents demonstrate how men of great foresight can band together in building a great fraternity. Being a Betan takes a lot of moral fiber and sacrifices. A fortification that needs constant reassurance. A brotherhood and camaraderie encompassing life’s enviable-unrivaled excellence, true friendship, perpetual trust and incessant loyalty. Today Sigma Beta remains as it is 58 years ago, a fraternity of rational and commendable young men dedicated to brotherhood for the furtherance of personal growth, academic excellence and commitment in community services.