Our Legacy

“A Brotherhood As Precious As Life.” by Bro. Guz


As young men in the stage of inquisitiveness, we had done things as complex as we wanted. We had collected a vast array of experiences where we can see life at its fullest and at its emptiest. We had learned and will be continually learning life, living a life of a Betan, living a life with Sigma Beta Fraternity.

It was year 1950, a period where the seventeen charter members marked themselves in history as the founders of the Sigma Beta Fraternity, an elite brotherhood of young intellectual souls dominating the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas.

The admission to this exclusive organization was like going to heaven without having to die first. By the time we were officially inducted as a full pledged Betan, We were deeply involve in all its undertakings. We made a turf within the University walls, safe enough to sentry the Betan’s vision and aspirations. It was a continuous process of buttressing, we were building our second home that would shelter the fraternity’s collective morals and ideals. We were establishing an extended family that would nourished one’s spirit and individuality. We were in a pinnacle of enthusiasm to maintain or even exceed what was given to us, the legacy of Sigma Beta Fraternity, unrivaled and unchallenged!!! Our dominance was eloquent enough to be felt at the corridors of our Alma Mater. We were tough like lions in times of troubles but gentle as a wind in solitude of self realization. Continuing the Betan’s legacy which was geared towards excellence, the Fraternity with the members was constantly on the Honor List, we were the big fish in the Faculty as regarded by students and faculty members. Later on, we were the key players in the competitive and changing world. In fact, Sigma Beta Fraternity has produced from its roll high caliber and top notched Engineers leading the academe and business world.

Our personal account living a life of a Betan was inevitably mesmerizing and fulfilling, our lives changed!!! The experiences were a combination of all ingredients put into one platter to be savored and cherished. We were unceasingly honed by experiences that taught us lessons. Others character had gyrated eventually from being an introvert to a gregarious person with a sense of responsibility. We had established friendships that were worth any gold in the world. We had preserved our loyalty to the extent of sacrificing personal interests for the good of others. We had treasured the camaraderie accorded by the fraternity from the very start with a sense of gratitude. It was a pact of voluntary devotion and dedication, a life and love shared by Betans at its best.

It was simply one remarkable journey with Sigma Beta Fraternity. It was a Brotherhood as precious as life.

Hail Sigma Beta Fraternity!!!