Message from Our President


The best way to ensure the future is to create it. The construction industry has survived numerous prolonged economic downturn and recession. Through these difficult periods, having the ability, foresight and resolve to thrive in a turbulent local business environment and a volatile global market is a definite advantage.

The best way to create the future is for the future to be founded on a stable and rock-solid past. Let us help shape Filipino Civil Engineers to be globally recognized for their dedication and commitment to excellence and quality. Let us go back to the place where the foundation for Civil Engineering is being created and nurtured. Let us go back to our Alma Mater – the University of Santo Tomas, more specifically the Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering.

Since the humble beginnings of our fraternity in 1950, we have been uniting the Civil Engineering students with the alumni in the closest bonds of fellowship and fraternity. We have helped build a Thomasian community of Civil Engineers through camaraderie and mutual assistance with each other.

Sigma Beta has long established communications among the Civil Engineering graduates of UST and has promoted and maintained loyalty to its Alma Mater. We have the capability to serve as a guidance center to all Thomasian Civil Engineers. We are equipped to engage in projects and programs that shall assist the Faculty of Engineering to strengthen the Thomasian Civil Engineer in a community of professionals.

We, therefore, must resolved to impart our combined as well as individual technical expertise to the UST Civil Engineering Students through fraternal interaction. It is through our beloved fraternity that this objective would be realized. We have already started the ground works for this endeavor. Let us all join hands to ensure its success. Let us all work together to have Sigma Beta Society of Builders reinstated as a recognized organization within the Civil Engineering Department of the UST Faculty of Engineering, with the main objective of creating world class Civil Engineers.

Mabuhay ang Sigma Beta. A Betan’s love will only perish with his life.

Yours truly,

Hans Christian O. Lopez